Do I need Solar panels on my new house?

We live in an exciting and turbulent time. One of great innovation as well as great uncertainty. Fun fact, did you know that an ancient Chinese curse was to tell someone that you “hope they live in interesting times.” Well, we certainly live in them now, and we need to be ready for anything if we’re going to get through them. Becoming energy independent is a step in the right direction for that.

What is Energy Independence

To be energy independent means that you don’t need to rely on the grid to power your home. Now, there are different levels of independence that different people will require. Some, especially those who live in very rural areas, may have no connection to the energy grid whatsoever. Most, however, should only ever need the capability to become energy independent for a week at a time at most.

Why do I need it?

First and foremost, peace of mind. With times uncertain, being able to rely on yourself and no one else is a wonderful feeling when energy prices rise or the grid drops out. Perhaps it might even be that society collapses and your energy-filled home is a last holdout against the zombies, then you’ll be really thankful for that battery!

On a more serious note, for those who live in very rural areas where grid access is more intermittent or unreliable, having the capability to operate without grid-support is almost essential.


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